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Erica Jackson

Ronaldo supports Khabib fighter

Cristiano Ronaldo predicts champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will win against Justin Gaethje in the light belt defense match at UFC 254. According to UFC’s plan, Khabib and Gaethje will take the stage at UFC 254 in Abu Dhabi. This is the first time the Russian champions have returned to the ring.

He and Ronaldo met in 2018. They took pictures together with Real Madrid’s number 7 shirt called Khabib. The Juventus striker is a UFC fan and has trained with star Conor McGregor.

The reason CR7 wants to return to Italy is because this country only requires 10-day quarantine, instead of 14 as in Portugal. That allowed him to return soon to play against Barca in the Champions League group stage.

The Portuguese superstar was confirmed positive for Covid-19 while joining the national team to compete in Nations League 2020. Ronaldo returned to Italy by jet to perform the quarantine process according to regulations.

Coach Kavanagh once shared with Irish Independant: “We all thought: How can Ronaldo invite us to this party? Who will be there? On the drive there, we were afraid of being kicked out. Outside. Once inside, it was Jennifer Lopez who came over and shook McGregor’s hand.

Previously, President Dana White planned to host rematches for McGregor and Khabib. The two UFC stars will act as coaches for the two boxers to face off at the TUF 29 program held later this year. Then, Khabib and McGregor rematched in 2021 as coaches of the two teams.

Khabib prepares to roam with Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 scheduled on October 24. In the opposite direction, McGregor recently announced his return to the ring to match Manny Pacquiao. The Irish star also accepted Poirier’s proposal at the UFC.

“Khabib was supposed to agree, but got shattered by McGregor. Everything is about to be agreed, that’s why I revealed the plan was going well and announced a whole new TUF season. followed by the rematch between Khabib and McGregor, “White President told Barstool Sports.

James Rodriguez succeeds in the Premier League

Rodriguez reunited with coach Carlo Ancelotti at Everton for a month. Everton is flourishing in the Premier League. And Rodriguez became one of the important factors to help represent Merseyside.

However, he has won many noble titles such as the Champions League, the La Liga and the Bundesliga championship. At the Bernabeu, despite having to play under great pressure from expectation, James remained completely calm.

Led by an experienced coach who loves a classic attacking midfielder like Carlo Ancelotti. It is a Colombian player who does not have too many difficulties to show his great qualities.

At the Bernabeu, despite having to play under great pressure from expectation, James remained completely calm. He is led by an experienced coach and is extremely fond of classic attacking midfielders like Carlo Ancelotti. The Colombian did not find it difficult to show his great qualities.

Rodriguez came to Merseyside as one of world football’s shining stars. He is a positive signal and shows fans that Everton is on the right track on the way to challenge the giants in the Premier League. And only when standing on the same line can they shine.

At Real, the Colombian midfielder is not the favorite card of coach Zinedine Zidane. That made him slip. When he moved to Everton, where Rodriguez reunited coach Ancelotti, this attacking midfielder shone again.

In four Premier League matches, Rodriguez created 12 chances. He has 4 more dangerous situations that can help the home team score goals. Everton also played more elegantly thanks to the 29-year-old star, who successfully performed 8 phases over him. Rodriguez’s worth has been proven at Everton.

It is too early to conclude that Everton is able to compete for the Premier League title yet. But the undeniable fact that the Goodison Park home team became more formidable with Rodriguez.

The appearance of the 29-year-old midfielder creates a positive energy that spreads to everyone around. This quality by Rodriguez helps him make a difference.

The Cavani deal shows MU’s deadlock

The Uruguayan striker became a free player since early June. But it took Manchester United four months to recruit him. MU seems to only find Cavani after the beginning of the season is not impressive. They don’t have a clear plan in the transfer market.

In the opposite direction, Cavani does not consider MU a priority club. Following are the failed negotiations with Atletico Madrid or Benfica. Cavani’s level is undisputed. He is the striker to score the most goals in PSG history with 200 goals.

Cavani shows talent in Europe’s top arenas. However, at 33, Cavani will have to adapt to the tournament and new teammates. MU probably only recruited Cavani because he was a free player.

This deal is almost like the Odion Ighalo contract at the winter market of 2020. MU is trying to be smarter in the transfer market with cheap but experienced contracts.

In fact, the MU attacker currently lacks an experienced striker like Cavani. Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford or Greenwood are not real strikers. Meanwhile, Odion Ighalo has excess enthusiasm but lacks class. The poor performance of the Nigerian striker in the League Cup bothered coach Ole Solskjaer.

Cavani looks perfect for Solsa. Since coming to Europe to play football, Cavani has scored 341 goals and 65 assists in 556 games. The Uruguayan striker will bring MU attack experience, class as well as many plans to attack.

MU’s young players can also learn from Cavani. MU signed a 2-year contract with Cavani, according to Solsa’s desire to create conditions for young players to develop.

However, Giggs did not forget to remind MU fans of Radamel Falcao. How big was Di Maria or Alexis Sanchez was expected at Old Trafford. The failure of the aforementioned stars created an indelible charm for Cavani at Manchester United.

For many years, Manchester United’s locker room has often not been good at tolerating South American stars. Culture, gameplay and even weather will bring many barriers for Cavani.

Luka Doncic recreated the image of Michael Jordan after 31 years

Not only caused fever with the throw that turned defeat into victory for the Dallas Mavericks in the match. Luka Doncic also reappeared Michael Jordan’s achievements since 1989.

The former Real Madrid star received the ball at the time of the match with 3.7 seconds and handled it skillfully. Before kicking the buzzer beater he helped the Mavericks overcome the Los Angeles Clippers 135-133 in extra time.

Doncic’s ball caused fever on social networking sites and was praised by many colleagues. Doncic ended the game with 43 points, 17 rebounds, 13 assists and 3 steals in 46 minutes.

Doncic became the second player after legendary Michael Jordan to have a buzzer beater and hit the 40-point mark in a play-off. Jordan established this feat in 1989.

He is also the third player in NBA history to reach 40 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists in a match. After two legends Oscar Robertson and Charles Barkley. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Doncic is the youngest player in history to score 40 points and triple-double at the age of 21.

“When he’s on the pitch, we believe in the special things he’s going to create,” Seth Curry said of Doncic. Just coming back from a left ankle injury, Doncic still plays in high form to help the Mavericks beat the Clippers.

This victory became even more meaningful for Doncic when the Mavericks did not have star striker Kristaps Porzingis. Who had to retire due to knee pain.

Trey Burke continued to show steady form in the play-offs, contributing 25 points. He had a 71.4 percent throw performance in 37 minutes. He had many dodgy breakthroughs near the basket to score points and create space for Doncic to score.

Kawhi Leonard scored 32 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals the ball in 47 minutes. Meanwhile, Lou Williams got 36 points, achieving a 65 percent throw performance. The first round series between the Clippers and the Mavericks was forced to extend at least two more matches to determine the next team.

Speed ​​weakness can’t stop James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez’s performance against Tottenham in his Premier League debut proves the player is classy enough to shine in the top league. James Rodriguez was greeted at Goodison Park with little skepticism. However, the first impression left by the Colombian midfielder shows that this may be one of the most successful deals.

Banfield, James’s former club, confirmed they received no fees after his move to Everton from Real Madrid. If this is true, Everton had a midfielder in 1991 on a free transfer. This may be a profitable deal of the Merseyside team.

The failure of Radamel Falcao or Joan Cuadrado in the Premier League raised concerns that James could not succeed in this tournament. It is known as the place where the intensity and speed are too great for the players possessing the artist’s playstyle.

James is not the fastest player in the world, but possesses many top qualities. James is not a winger. But you can bundle in to receive the ball.

The Italian strategist confidently entered the names of 3 Everton rookies right in the opening match in the Premier League against Tottenham. James was arranged to play right in a 3-man attack with Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison. Abdoulaye Doucoure and Allan were placed deep in the midfield.

The presence of this central midfield duo is the key to Goodison Park’s home team game. James, the number one creative player in the Everton squad, is well taken care of by the opposing defenders.

If Richarlison showed his inherent acumen and didn’t squander James’s array of opportunities. The home team Goodison Park can leave the away field with a bigger victory.

After the match, James appeared rampant in the newspapers in England with many praises. The image of one of the most remarkable World Cup phenomena was once again at Tottenham Hotspur.

Ronaldo – the inspiration of the football world

At the age of 34, Ronaldo even wins the time wheel to shine in the Champions League. However, Ronaldo is not a god, bestowed with supernatural powers. The best thing about CR7 is that he is not a genius, but an ordinary human who has made more than 100 percent effort to become a legend.

Ronaldo is 1.85 m tall, but turns 78 cm high. Thus, plus both his height and the ability to jump, Ronaldo can reach a height of 2.63 m in the air. That is the reason why CR7 is always alone in the sky to make head shots, because no one can turn to the height of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo did not drink, because his father died of the harmful effects of alcohol. While the football world is filled with mobile pictures, Cristiano Ronaldo is still determined not to tattoo.

The reason is that CR7 wants to donate blood. Ronaldo does not use sugary foods and drinks because it accumulates fat and lowers metabolism. Ronaldo had to win many temptations, winning his inertia to practice nonstop for the past 10 years.

To overcome a harsh training schedule and a harsh diet, Ronaldo must possess more bravery than people. And if the courage in Ronaldo’s daily life was so terrible, his will to fight when he entered the battles no one could beat.

Experts say that if it is necessary to choose a warrior for the mortal match, they will choose Ronaldo. If you choose a player for a beautiful match, that person will be Lionel Messi. CR7 is not made for suffocating moments. He trained himself to be chosen in those moments.

Ronaldo is not a superman, but has worked hard and fiercely to become a legend. In Messi, we see the talent of a genius bestowed on God with the ability to play football.

And in Ronaldo, an immortal inspiration for the world. From a slim boy to an unrivaled warrior, looking at Ronaldo, we see a role model that can inspire the next generation.

Pedersen set a world record of 200 meters female frog

During the 200m female frog semi-final swim, the Danish seahorse Rikke Pedersen has set a world record. In other developments, Ryan Lochte for the third time in a row won the world gold medal of 200m mixed individual male.

Pedersen, 24 years old, he is 2 minutes 19.11 seconds while the old world record is 2 minutes 19.59 seconds by the American frog swimming expert. Rebecca Soni was established at the London 2012 Olympics.

This is a major breakthrough in Pedersen’s career because before, the best achievement in his career was only 2 minutes 20.53 seconds. At the 2012 London Olympics, Pedersen ranked only 4th and 7th at the swimming world championships in Shanghai 2011.

In other developments, the current US No. 1 male fish, Ryan Lochte won the gold medal of 200m mixed individual. Ryan Lochte became the second person in the history of swimming, after Michael Phelps. Three times won the world gold medal at this distance. Michael Phelps has stepped up to the highest podium at this distance in 3 world championships.

The Chinese swimming team won 2 more gold medals. Belonging to swimmer Liu Zige at the 200m forte female butterfly and Zhao Jing at the 50m female backstroke.

Adding 2 gold medals, swimming in China had a total of 4 gold medals. And with 9 gold medals to jump to the bridge, the Chinese delegation is still temporarily leading the medal table with 13 gold medals. And Lochte won this distance at the world tournaments in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

29 September 2019 Road World Championships (Yorkshire, GREAT BRITAIN) Men Elite 1st : PEDERSEN Mads (DEN) Trek – Segafredo Photo : Yuzuru SUNADA

The American delegation ranked second with 10 gold medals, all of which came from swimming. The third is the Russian delegation with 7 gold medals, all from swimming arts.

The swimming world championship will continue for the next three days with 18 additional swimming distances to compete in the final. The American delegation ranked second with 10 gold medals, all of which came from swimming. The third is the Russian delegation with 7 gold medals, all from swimming arts.

Luka Doncic shines at the age of 21

Luka Doncic has reached the superstar level in the NBA. Even though she has just spent her second season fighting in the number one basketball tournament on the planet.

The Slovenian basketball star spent his second season with great progress that few could expect. The Doncic averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists after 61 games in the 2019/20 season. Impressive performance helps Doncic have the first appearance at the annual All-Star festival.

Doncic is the second youngest player in history to achieve triple-double with 40 points, behind LeBron James. Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban even views Doncic as the team’s treasure. “If I had to choose between my wife and keep Luka Doncic in the Mavericks, I would go to the lawyer’s office to prepare for a divorce,” he declared.

The 21 defender played as well and exploded strongly in the play-offs. The Doncic finished the playoffs with a mean of 31 points, 9.8 rebounds, 8.6 assists and 48 percent throw performance. Even Doncic still excelled after suffering a leg injury since the third match against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Doncic is the second player after legendary Michael Jordan to have a buzzer beater and hit the 40-point mark in a playoff. Jordan did the same in 1989.

Doncic also broke Michael Jordan’s 35-year record. Luka Doncic surpassed Michael Jordan to become the youngest player in history to hit 35 points, 10 rebounds and 15 assists in the match.

Mavericks is still determined to compete to get 2 wins in 6 matches thanks to the outstanding performance of Doncic. Although the Mavericks had to stop in the first round of the play-offs, Doncic soon confirmed his talent and position in the best basketball tournament.

Marcus Morris’s brutal foul situation with Luka Doncic became the focus on social media. Morris received criticism from fans and media after thrusting his hands twice in a row on Doncic’s head in an attempt to defend.

Messi officially entered the history of world football

Messi was honored to be the first football player to receive the title of Best Male Athlete of the Year at Laureus 2020. Messi was honored to receive the title of Best Male Sport of the Year at Laureus 2020. The award took place in Berlin, Germany.

The Argentinian striker was the first soccer player to win this noble individual award. Share your honor with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, who shared the same number of votes.

Hamilton was crowned F1 World Champion for the 6th time in 2019, putting the British driver second only to the German legend. Michael Schumacher is on our list of all-time Formula 1 champions.

This duo surpassed many other names of the sports world. For example, legendary golfer Tiger Woods, tennis player Rafael Nadal, racer Marc Marquez and marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge to be honored.

Hamilton was present in Berlin to receive his award directly, while Messi sent a message via a video. This award embodies a great 2019 year of great success for the individual Messi, after the Golden Boot and Golden Ball titles.

In other categories at Laureus 2020, Simone Biles, an American gymnast, received the title of Best Female Athlete of the Year. The American cross-country ski athlete, the Oksana Masters, was awarded the Disability Athlete of the Year award.

South Africa’s men’s rugby team, which won the 2019 World Cup, was selected as Team of the Year. Also at the Gala night, the Spanish Basketball Federation won the Special Achievement Award.

“I apologize for not being able to attend the event. I really want to be there with everyone but unfortunately I cannot,” said the 32-year-old Argentine star.

“I want to thank the Academy for giving me this recognition. This is a very important and special award.

“I am very honored to be the first person to win this award as someone from a team sport rather than an individual sport, usually. Thanks very much.”

For me, it is a great pleasure to be part of this award and to be the first footballer to receive it. Of course, I want to thank my teammates, my family, and the fans who supported me. “

Sergei Bubka – legend of world athletics

This famous Ukrainian pole-jump player has officially announced his retirement from his sports career. Although he no longer competes in the top international tournaments. But the story about him and the records he achieved is still in everyone’s memory.

Bubka has broken the world record for pole jump more than 30 times. During his highly successful track and field career, Bubka has won 6 consecutive world championships.

Sergey Bubka confirms he is to stand for IAAF presidency - AW

Before coming to pole jump, he was a very successful athlete in the distance jump and 100m run. However, he only truly achieved world class when he switched to pole jump competition. In 1983, he immediately won the pole jump world championship in Helsinki, Finland.

And a year later, he set his first world record with a record of 5.75 meters. Bubka played for the Soviet Union until the end of the Union in 1991. Soviet sports were always on the top. And reward the athletes who set world records in the disciplines and Bubka is recognized as the winner of the most awards.

Many times, the following record is only a few centimeters more than the previous one. Thanks to that, he became a new phenomenon of world athletics.

At the 1988 Summer Olympics, Bubka did not disappoint fans by winning a gold medal. But he did not set any new world records. However, not long after that, at the end of 1988, he became the first athlete to break the 6-meter record.

Sergey Bubka meets Singapore fans | Singapore Athletics

In 1987 and 1991, Bubka won his second and third world championship title. In 1992, despite being highly regarded and having many medal opportunities, he did not even qualify to compete at the Barcelona Olympics.

After the above event, Sergei Bubka was determined to train and won two more world championships in 1993 and 1995. In 1996, due to a rather severe ankle injury, Bubka once again missed the appointment. Olympic. However, he recovered so that a year later, he won his 6th world championship.