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Barca president voiced injustice for Messi and his teammates

Barca president Josep Bartomeu said the salary reductions of the players were taken into account from the beginning of the outbreak. “From the very beginning, Messi told me that this salary reduction must be done.

This proposal comes from the captain, the vice captain. This is a move to show their attachment to the club,” Goal quoted Mr. Bartomeu.

Messi and his teammates together posted information that Barca players will reduce 70 percent of their salary on social networks. They insist they are always willing to reduce wages.

Cristiano Ronaldo đồng ý quay lại Ý | Bóng đá Quốc tế | Thanh Niên

That wanted help the club pay full salaries to other employees during times of Spanish translation difficulties. Earlier, many sources said that Barca players were opposed to the reduction of wages. Mr. Bartomeu also shared about this.

Perhaps the players were disappointed with rumors both inside and outside the club, who didn’t know the information. However, only he and Oscar Grau (CEO of Barca) have discussed a bit and no one has said anything, “the president added.

In addition to Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo also has reduced salary moves during the season to help the host club. The Italian press confirmed that the Juve stars have accepted a pay cut and saved them about 90 million euros.

Currently, Spain is the 2nd largest outbreak in Europe. Therefore, the country’s football federation said La Liga had to postpone indefinitely. This tournament is only returned when the situation is more stable and with permission from the authorities.

Messi vượt mặt Ronaldo với thống kê bàn thắng khó tin

Messi, Ronaldo have many similarities in talent and technique but Messi is simply the best player in the world. Messi is on a completely different level, no other player can match him. Ronaldo outperformed the rest, but still below Messi.

Those who say Ronaldo is better than Messi know nothing about football. Messi is unique, no one can imitate. World football will have to wait 50, even 100 years, to see a similar player appear.

How to take care of your body after exercising

Many people think that just practicing the right techniques, movements is enough and no need to care about the body care after practice. This is a completely wrong notion.

The body is stretching like a string and heating up after stressful exercises. So eating or working right after exercising is bad for your health. Let the body to rest and relax. You should rest, massage your legs, arms and other body parts. Breathing deeply or taking a dip in warm water also feels refreshing.

Điều trị bệnh viêm khớp phòng ngừa biến chứng nguy hiểm

A hot bath will promote the circulation under the skin while the muscles are still required to make enough blood for the heart and brain. As a result, people with mild headaches dizziness, severe shock. In the long term susceptible to chronic diseases.

There are some people who feel that after campaigning for sweets or drinking a glass of sugar water, it will be refreshing. Actually it was just a temporary feeling. When sugar enters the body, it will consume most of the vitamins in the body.

After exercise, all functions of the body are in a state of fatigue, this time drinking alcohol will make alcohol quickly enter the body. In addition, drinking too much beer after exercise will increase the concentration of uric acid in the blood, the cause of arthritis.

Nên tập thể dục giảm cân vào thời gian nào để xuống cân nhanh nhất?

The training process reduces a significant amount of water in your body. 2 or 3 glasses of water is best for the body after 2 hours of exercise. However, drinking too much water is a challenge for the stomach and makes you always feel heavy with your body.

After training, the body needs a lot of energy to recover. Foods containing carbohydrates and proteins are the best choices for the body. Proteins are good for the functioning of the nervous system. That’s while carbohydrates are indispensable for replenishing the body’s energy. You should choose light snacks such as bread, fruit, cheese or tuna dishes.