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How Pep Guardiola builds affection with the player

Pep Guardiola encourages the players to be closer to their families. Pep also limits journalism and takes care of nutrition for his students.

Pep allows players to stay at home until a few hours before a home match or just move on the day of the match. That was another highly acclaimed decision from Pep.

Gradually, the press was limited. Personal interviews with the players were cut down and even banned for a long time. Pep is ready to do anything to surround the team. Not really isolating them, but keeping them safe and warm in our shared roof.

In fact, the way Pep invests in his affection for the player is the factor that separates him from the rest of the coaches. Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson often get to know the relatives or girlfriends of the players to be able to understand them better.

And even when the team played better, the former Arsenal star’s performance has not improved much. There were two factors that kept Henry from playing well. It was his back Injury and the new position he was forced to play.

But in the end, Eto’o insisted on staying, so Thierry had to continue playing as a wing striker. It is considered a position no longer suitable for him because he no longer has the speed and stamina as when he was strong.

In his next game against Valencia, Titi played in explosive form, scoring a hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-0 win. Pep tried to cheer him up, and insisted he fully believed in the French player’s abilities. Henry appreciated Pep’s action.

The Spaniard promised Henry, who under Rijkaard was uncomfortable on the left flank. He will be returned to the position of center. Guardiola repeated this sentence in press conferences. But during Guardiola’s difficult beginnings, the Frenchman was the one most criticized.

Pep was touched after his team set a record

Winning the Club World Cup, Barca acquired 6 championship titles in a year. A long restraint, that moment, Pep Guardiola poured out emotions. The Club World Cup championship is the only title they have ever won.

Before the final against Estudiantes de la Plata, Pep said a somewhat lamenting sentence. But he predicted what would happen two and a half years later.

Pep tried to reduce the pressure on the team, the consequences of Barcelona’s two defeat in the final. In the years 1992 and 2006, he was subjective and lack of thoughtfulness.

The match belonged to Estudiantes – the Argentinian team – that made Barcelona unable to play the ball in the familiar way. And then they score from their best chance.

But Pedro pulled the game into extra time with a kick that was almost the last of official time. And then the most awaited moment has come. Ten minutes after extra time began, Messi scored the decisive goal after a brilliant chest control from Alves’s cross.

They never stopped trying, never stopped running, never sought excuses. Then luck also smiled at them, like Iniesta’s goal at Stamford Bridge, or Pedro’s in this final.

On the hot December evening in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona won their sixth title with their new coach. In other words, they win every tournament they attend.

His whole body trembled, tears continued to fall. Dani Alves was the first to notice, moving closer to giving his coach a comforting hug. Pep calmed down for a few seconds.

He took a few steps back, and found that there was no one beside him. Putting his face in his hands, he let his emotions pour out again. I can’t stop crying. He cried deliciously like a child.

On the pitch, Ibrahimovic took Henry’s place, trying to make a few jokes to make the coach happy. That was when Pep stepped out of his own coma. In the middle of the field, the organizers were also getting ready for the awards ceremony.

Lewandowski has a boom in 2020 that shines

Lewandowski’s victory at FIFA The Best 2020 is like a message to the football world. Even at 32 years old, the Polish striker is still a talented star.

What Ronaldo and Messi create in the 2019/20 season is still great. However, it is that that helps Lewandowski’s victory over the two big soccer superstars.

Messi and Ronaldo have created some amazing moments last season. However, it was all overshadowed by Lewandowski, who won everything from the Bundesliga to the Champions League.

Referring to Lewandowski in 2020 is referring to the scary scoring beast in all competitions. Before shining brightly in the 2019/20 season, the Polish striker experienced a series of 6 consecutive games unable to score in the knockout round.

At that time, the Polish striker in the Borussia Dortmund shirt scored 4 goals against Real Madrid. The wind only changed direction with Lewandowski until February 2020.

That’s when he crushed Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the first round of the 1/8 Champions League round. It was the match when the former Dortmund star scored one goal and had 2 assists for Serge Gnarby to score.

He scored 2 goals and made 2 clear passes in Bayern’s 4-1 victory at Allianz Arena. Directly confronting Lionel Messi in the quarterfinals, Lewandowski made the opponent bow his head to leave the field in shame. Bayern’s Polish striker engulfed Barca with a score of 8-2. In that match, Lewandowski contributed one goal.

The 32-year-old striker continued to maintain an impressive scoring style when he shone in the semi-final that Bayern crushed Lyon 3-0. Lewandowski’s goal in Lisbon was his 15th goal in the UEFA Champions League season 2019/20.

Lewandowski’s biggest regret is that he failed to score in the Champions League final in the 2019/20 season. Although Bayern still won against PSG. However, that shortcoming can still be ignored because what the 32-year-old striker performed earlier was so impressive.

Mayweather will return at the MMA event

Floyd Mayweather agreed to participate in the MMA event in Japan in February 2021. Reporter Michael Benson announced on his personal page:

“There was not much details, but Mayweather called to announce he would attend. MMA event. Lonely and defeated”. He also reminded of the ring’s comeback: “Tokyo, Japan. I will be back in 2021”.

The Fighting News correspondent Mike Feinberg said Mayweather signed a deal to match Logan Paul in a performance match later this year. However, the American legend has not yet responded to this information.

According to information given, Mayweather’s opponent and the match format have not been revealed. You can compare boxing gloves or fight in an octagon.

Mayweather had a glove performance against Tenshin Nasukawa at the RIZIN 14 event in Japan. The 43-year-old former boxer took more than 2 minutes to defeat his opponent and received $ 9 million in remuneration.

However, Theophane admits Mayweather is pretty strong in the gym. American legends will even defeat practitioners by powerful attacks. This is Mayweather’s second performance match to be broadcast in the form of pay per view.

Although 40 years old, Theophane still plays boxing. The British puncher will compare the gloves with Sam Eggington. Theophane’s current record is 50 victories after 59 wins, including 19 knockout wins.

The American star believes that too many championships in each weight class will make it difficult for boxers to assert themselves. Mayweather’s comments immediately received the objections of Mike Tyson and Jones Jr.

In heavyweight, Tyson also won quite a few trophies including the WBA, WBC, IBF and The Ring belts. Meanwhile, Mayweather won championships in 5 different weight categories.

Legendary Mike Tyson compared gloves against Corey Sanders in part to earn money to pay off debt. Fourteen years later, he is about to return to the ring for a charity show match with Roy Jones Jr.

Paul Pogba is fading at MU

Paul Pogba is a highly regarded player. However, Old Trafford does not seem to be the right land for the French star.

The nightmare that happened a year ago is now with Pogba. That is when the French star has to be away from the field for a long time because of the ankle problem. According to Transfermarkt, Pogba had to miss 195 days and 39 games in 2019/20 due to an injury.

Pogba experienced an unforgettable season. And those sad days seem to continue to cling to the French midfielder. In the Premier League season 2020/21, the mark of the former Juventus midfielder created faint. He has not had any assists after 373 minutes.

In the matches Pogba played in the Premier League, he played badly, even becoming a criminal that made MU pay the price. The star born in 1993 used to have a silly phase, causing the home team to suffer 11 meters against Arsenal.

Pogba is the type of midfielder who will shine if the surrounding teammates are also classy. He did not get this when he played for Manchester United.

When he was playing for Juventus, Pogba was never a highly anticipated name or an irreplaceable card. The representatives of Turin always want to create mental comfort for this midfielder. So that he can play spontaneously.

Squawka believes Pogba is the type of player that is destined for important moments. The French midfielder possesses good personal technique and excellent tactical eyesight. When the team needs outstanding shots to determine fate, Pogba can respond.

A team will always need players like Pogba to feed big ambitions. Specifically, Juventus, France and Real Madrid have Zinedine Zidane. Liverpool owns Steven Gerrard or Boca Juniors with Juan Roman Riquelme.

He also lacks the spirit of steel to overcome the pressure. As the pressure grew, Pogba’s feet became heavier. This player’s great football is also lost.

At Manchester United, Pogba does not play with outstanding teammates. Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford are great. But that’s not yet the world’s top stars. Anthony Martial lacks stability, and Mason Greenwood is still on the way.

Gabriel Jesus – striker needs to score

Minutes after Manchester City took the lead over Real Madrid, there was a moment when the ball was passed to Dani Carvajal at right back.

This is a specific problem with Man City because they quite often have to deal with opponents who play deeply defensively. There the ability to handle in narrow spaces is the key factor. In that respect, the combination of Aguero and Jesus is the ideal choice.

It is easy to understand why Jesus is considered as Pep Guardiola’s favorite striker. The Brazilian has scored 14 goals in the Premier League for the 2019/2020 season, but his stats are like that of a midfielder.

Sergio Aguero has improved under Guardiola, but he is not as effective in this regard as a teammate. “Gabriel is the best striker in the world in high-intensity pressing”, the Spanish strategist shared last October.

Jesus has a tattoo on his arm that looks like a boy looking at the slums, which is quite similar to the picture that Neymar has tattooed on his calf.

That probably explains why they work well together in the Brazilian shirt: Jesus is ready to pressure and chase but will give way when Neymar comes in from the left flank.

Mainly because Man City tends to hold the ball too much. He rarely needs to win it back and because the 23-year-old striker can play both on the wing and center. However, Aguero won the ball less than half.

That is why the match with Lyon will be very important for the 23-year-old Brazilian striker. When Aguero was not there, Jesus was City’s No. 1 striker even when he played on the wing.

He is an excellent pressuriser, a key factor in defending from the upline. What is needed now is perhaps the reasoning of career reputation.

Rashford reached the same level as Haaland and Mbappe

Rashford is making rapid progress lately. The 22-year-old striker scored many goals and became one of the important factors to help MU success. The Sportbible News said that Rashford is “The player is overrated for true talent”. One of the reasons why Rashford is not recognized is the number of goals scored.

Moreover, the number 10 of Man United still lacks a booming moment in the Champions League, the prestigious world club arena. Recently, Rashford entered phom when he scored 7 goals in 9 matches in all competitions.

In the Champions League, the 22-year-old striker also shone continuously against PSG and Leipzig. This way of saying refers to the two above-mentioned faces as the best young strikers in the world. Who can inherit Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Both Mbappe and Haaland are younger than Rashford, but soon created their own achievements. Looking at Rashford, this spearhead has not left a significant mark on the most prestigious club playground on the planet.

However, it will be a bit unfair to judge Rashford because Man United has played so hard in the league in the last half decade. This caused MU to end the season without attending the Champions League.

However, Man United returned to the Champions League in the 2020/21 season and Rashford quickly exploded. The impressive performance against PSG and Leipzig became the message that he could stand on the same stage with Mbappe and Haaland. However, ESPN believes that Rashford has to work harder.

But saying so does not mean that the value that Man United has recently created is easily ignored. Meeting Leipzig, Rashford created his own show and made Dayot Upamecano. He is one of the best young defenders in the world, experience his worst nightmare.

In the first goal, Rashford maximized the speed to score. At the second table, the number 10 of Man United easily beat Upamecano with a simple pass before coldly ending the score to 4-0.

According to Opta’s statistics, Rashford became the fifth player in Champions League history, came on from the bench, then scored a hat-trick. The English striker took 27 minutes to score 3 goals, breaking the record created by Mbappe earlier

Pogba made a mistake that caused MU to lose to Arsenal

The French midfielder entered the ball, causing MU to receive a penalty. Aubameyang used to help Arsenal win 1-0 in round 7 of the Premier League.

While his teammates worked hard, Pogba became a criminal with an unnecessary foul situation with Bellerin in the penalty area. Aubameyang took advantage of the opportunity to score in the 69th minute, while helping Arsenal leave Old Trafford with 3 full points.

Man Utd played with a 4-3-1-2 chart that was never used by coach Solskjaer this season. Arsenal with many players with good speed and ability to cross like Bellerin, Saka, Tierney create many opportunities.

But inside, Lacazette, Aubameyang were disappointed with inaccurate handling. Thomas Partey had an impressive match when he and Elneny dominated the MU midfield. The Ghanaian midfielder is not only able to dispute, but also directly performs situations that launch attacks.

Partey works well with defenders to limit MU’s counterattack situations. In the first half, Leno’s goal was hit only once, after Mason Greenwood’s shot in the narrow corner.

MU played with a large number of defenders, but things gradually got out of the control of Solskjaer’s teachers and teachers. When the match went to the last minutes. 39 minutes, De Gea’s goal shook after the technical shot of Willian.

MU pushed up the speed of attack, and created an overwhelming proportion of possession in the first 10 minutes. MU has many balls, but also does not create many opportunities, when the pair of midfielders Pogba and Bruno play below. The best chance that the homeowner creates is just the header to send the ball away from captain Harry Maguire.

MU had to change the way of playing after letting the opponent get ahead in the 69th minute. Coach Solskjaer launched Cavani, Van De Beek, and at the same time directed his students to push up the team to find a table early.

Bruno Fernandes played poorly, but his replacement, Van de Beek, did not make a mark against the solid Arsenal defense. Gabriel Magalhaes became a bright spot with situations to handle alertness and precision.

Solskjaer’s problem is increasingly evident in football

Man United fans wait for the win at Old Trafford against Chelsea to be invested, but Lampard is still undefined. However, there were no wins at all, and is Man United attractive? No. of course.

Rashford will join Mbappe as the number one superstar striker in the world in the near future. That is Solskjaer’s statement in Paris, an overly optimistic view. That is what the world’s number one superstar should not do in an important match.

Of course, every superstar has to miss the opportunity to eat at times, and Rashford also plays not badly against Chelsea. In the last 3 matches, Solskjaer’s strength in the selection of the squad is what we most easily notice.

All of that, Solskjaer has reason to justify it perfectly. And the justification will be even more perfect when the result is positive. And when United fail to win, it can turn out to be big trouble.

Bruno Fernandes is still an excellent player on the Manchester United side against Chelsea. But it’s hard to say that Bruno Fernandes has played as well as his previous games have shown. Admittedly, before Chelsea, Fernandes began to know what was meant to be disabled.

And it is also a rare match in the Man United shirt that Fernandes does not stand out in a remarkable way. Is it the result of transient performance or is it a system with hidden problems?

Even more ominous is the long pass. With 57 percent accurate long passes, Man United against Chelsea revealed their problems. It was also because of the McTominay – Fred pair that Man United showed a sense of safe defense. With their support, the Man United defense is not so hard to prop up and lead to personal mistakes as before.

Maguire should thank Martin Atkinson because if he blows the penalty, it will be two years before Maguire is confident again. However, Solskjaer’s biggest problem is the choice of personnel. There is no need to go back to the distant past, just say it from the beginning of 2020 until now is enough.

Ronaldo supports Khabib fighter

Cristiano Ronaldo predicts champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will win against Justin Gaethje in the light belt defense match at UFC 254. According to UFC’s plan, Khabib and Gaethje will take the stage at UFC 254 in Abu Dhabi. This is the first time the Russian champions have returned to the ring.

He and Ronaldo met in 2018. They took pictures together with Real Madrid’s number 7 shirt called Khabib. The Juventus striker is a UFC fan and has trained with star Conor McGregor.

The reason CR7 wants to return to Italy is because this country only requires 10-day quarantine, instead of 14 as in Portugal. That allowed him to return soon to play against Barca in the Champions League group stage.

The Portuguese superstar was confirmed positive for Covid-19 while joining the national team to compete in Nations League 2020. Ronaldo returned to Italy by jet to perform the quarantine process according to regulations.

Coach Kavanagh once shared with Irish Independant: “We all thought: How can Ronaldo invite us to this party? Who will be there? On the drive there, we were afraid of being kicked out. Outside. Once inside, it was Jennifer Lopez who came over and shook McGregor’s hand.

Previously, President Dana White planned to host rematches for McGregor and Khabib. The two UFC stars will act as coaches for the two boxers to face off at the TUF 29 program held later this year. Then, Khabib and McGregor rematched in 2021 as coaches of the two teams.

Khabib prepares to roam with Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 scheduled on October 24. In the opposite direction, McGregor recently announced his return to the ring to match Manny Pacquiao. The Irish star also accepted Poirier’s proposal at the UFC.

“Khabib was supposed to agree, but got shattered by McGregor. Everything is about to be agreed, that’s why I revealed the plan was going well and announced a whole new TUF season. followed by the rematch between Khabib and McGregor, “White President told Barstool Sports.