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Super boxer Pacquiao becomes a professional basketball coach

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has just moved into a new field in his glorious sports career. He was appointed coach of the KIA basketball club of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Pac-Man started fighting in basketball when he became a coach of KIA Club. He is one of three rookies to attend the highest tournament in the 40th season of PBA, starting on October 19.

Philippines, super boxer Pacquiao in KIA club uniform made his debut speech as a basketball coach. The 35-year-old boxer has stated he will bring his boxing training experience to apply in the exercises for his players at the KIA basketball club.

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Pacquiao also left his ability to play basketball at PBA, like the Filipino basketball legend. He was Robert Jaworski previously in the Ginebra club shirt.

“I am very happy to be appointed head coach of the KIA basketball club. Despite my dedication and career in boxing, basketball has always been my favorite sport. I came here to make the club stronger and more competitive at PBA, ”the INQUIRER News quoted Pac-Man.

If he wants to play, he can play, Pac-Man will have to attend the PBA Draft. It is an annual event to debut the selection of rookie basketball clubs participating in this tournament. However, the current problem of Pacquiao as a basketball coach is the allocation of time to be able to complete all his work well.

Because according to plan, Pacquiao will stand in the next match. While this coincides with the start of the new season of the KIA Basketball Club at the Philippines National Cup this year.

Manny Pacquiao giành đai WBA hạng bán trung ở tuổi 40

“In recent times, everyone has been talking about whether Pacquiao has the professional qualifications to join the professional basketball village. However, what we have forgotten about is the benefits and long-term commitment and development that he brings to the country’s basketball industry.

Pacquiao is an invaluable asset to the nation and his passion for basketball is respectable and deserves support and trust, ”said PBA BTC Commissioner Chito Salud.

Anthony Davis unexpectedly left open the possibility of sticking with the Pelicans

Anthony Davis made a big surprise when he admitted that he would continue to stick with New Orleans Pelicans next season. At the end of January, Anthony Davis sparked the NBA professional basketball fans.

He applied to the governing team New Orleans Pelicans to let him go to find a new team. However, in the absence of any team that meets their requirements, the Pelicans can keep Davis.

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And in the latest move, the superstar 6-time All-Star also unexpectedly showed goodwill to stick with the Pelicans next season. “I still have a contract with the Pelicans. It is entirely possible that I will stay here next season. So I can’t be crazy about staying here next year, ”Davis told ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

Davis signed a $ 127 million five-year contract with the Pelicans in 2015. His contract with the team will end at the end of the 2020-21 season. But Davis may leave sooner if he decides to terminate the contract copper in the final year and become a free agent in the summer of 2020. So if you decide to keep Davis, the Pelicans are completely at risk of losing him next season.

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Davis failed to reunite with close friend LeBron James at the Staples Center. Because of that, Davis was limited to the number of minutes he played each game in the second half of the season with the Pelicans. He also faced boos and curses from fans at Smoothie Kings Center. Davis also did not play in the last 7 matches of the season.

Currently the Lakers and the Boston Celtics are teams in the race to sign the 26-year-old star. But it will not be easy to meet the overly demanding requirements of the Pelicans. The Lakers once offered up to 6 young players with 2 round picks but still could not move the Pelicans leader. So Davis is also mentally prepared to continue playing with his teammates for another season.

Coach Mourinho made Tottenham difficult

Coach Jose Mourinho’s enthusiasm only made matters worse. The Portuguese strategist had to apologize publicly after holding an outdoor training session for three Tottenham Hotspur players. They are including Tanguy Ndombele, Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon.

Everything started from the pair of teachers Mourinho and Ndombele. L’Equipe said that when Ndombele had just completed the physical exercises at home, Mourinho coach knocked on the door without notice. “Let’s go out, let’s run for a moment,” the Tottenham boss told his students.

Tottenham perdería a su mejor hombre por el resto de la temporada

The training session lasts about 1 hour with basic exercises such as stretching, sprinting and jogging. Coach Mourinho wants Ndombele to stay in the best physical state during the break.

The coach then called Sessegnon and Sanchez to directly guide the two previous players who were practicing separately. The aforementioned behavior of “Special person” then met with backlash from public opinion.

The British government has recommended that citizens living in the UK not conduct outdoor gatherings of two or more people. Especially between members who do not live in the same house.

Not only focusing on physical factors, Mourinho wanted to do a separate psychotherapy with Ndombele through the underground training session mentioned above.

With his pupils invited, the former MU coach wants to show this midfielder that he is an important part of the team. During the isolation period, this coach often texted and contacted the players to help them exercise, as well as tighten the teachers’ affection.

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Mourinho is clearly working hard on his return to the top football. He asserted that he was willing to learn from previous times of failure. Mourinho is not irresponsible to the community.

However, Mourinho’s actions with his students seem to put Tottenham in a more awkward position. L’Equipe revealed Ndombele was dissatisfied with Mourinho’s treatment. Especially after he went to the player’s house without notice to ask him to train. The Frenchman expressed his intention to leave Spurs.

Mesut Ozil is as bad as criticism

Mesut Ozil is the focus of many criticisms about his performance in Arsenal shirt. Because he is showing an extremely unstable face in every arena. And now he is not on the list of English clubs participating in the Champions League.

The Gooners do not seem to be patient enough before the decline of the team. The rage of the fans began to pour on Arsene Wenger and the players playing for the Emirates team. Arsenal is really in crisis.

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Mesut Ozil is the player who Gooners complain about being “lazy to move” Arsenal. Ozil’s body language on the pitch often gives fans the feeling that the German player is heavy on his feet.

Even the way the Arsenal star kept swinging his hands in frustration when he lost the ball was also in the sights of fans. Although Ozil himself bluntly confirmed he did not care about the unfounded criticism and did not intend to change his playing style. They criticized still relentlessly aimed at “No. 11” of the North London team.

On the basis of 90 minutes of play, these statistics will become less impressive. Because Ozil only ranked 9th in Arsenal in terms of distance traveled and 10th in number of sprints.

However, the role of Ozil under the direction of Wenger is not so much in favor of defense as teammates. And the responsibility of the German midfielder in the coach’s tactics is quite strong. Mesut Ozil is struggling at Arsenal. That’s when the time he played just behind Alexis Sanchez and Laurent Koscielny.

Mesut Ozil từ chối giảm lương dù Arsenal đã ra thông báo chính thức

Mesut Ozil is struggling at Arsenal. They made his performance more or less affected. The German midfielder’s performance is much better every time the new season starts. Ozil has scored 5 goals and has 8 assists in 31 matches against Chelsea.

In fact, the Arsenal midfielder did not play well in many important matches in the Champions League. Typically a 2-10 defeat after two matches against Bayern Munich. Although Ozil is not the only factor that makes Arsenal leave the Champions League with a humiliating score.

Michael Phelps – the greatest athlete in Olympic history

When he first appeared in the Olympic arena, Michael Phelps was just a young man aged 15. He swam faster than all the other athletes and moved from 8th to 5th place. His teammate, Tom Malchow, told reporters at the 2000 Olympic Games that Phelps was a true athlete.

And he will become one of the great fishermen. But who would have thought that the young man from Baltimore would develop to become the greatest athlete in Olympic history.

Kình ngư Michael Phelps từng ám ảnh vì bị bắt nạt

Phelps won the 19th Olympic gold medal, record number of medals in Olympic history and shattered the Olympic Games medal of 18 times. America has always been the dominant force in swimming since the golden days of the famous athlete Johnny Weissmuller in the 1920s. But Phelps has taken this position to a new level.

The NBC channel once broadcast live the world champion with the name Rare Characters in Sports because Phelps was so famous. He is the first swimmer to win the Athlete of the Year award by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Right before the impressive performance in Beijing, Phelps had more to worry about when moving into a new apartment than practicing. He told Sports Illustrated magazine that he wasn’t worried about the future even though there was a little physical problem. It usually takes a few years but after a short time Phelps has found the motivation to play.

Giành HCV thứ 21, Michael Phelps hồi sinh - Thể thao Thế giới

Phelps has set a world record 29 times and still holds a record in 6 contents. Phelps closed his career as the athlete who won the most medals at the Olympic Games (22 medals). And he can be considered the greatest athlete to date.

Phelps said: “All I have to do is focus on something”. And that was done. It usually takes a few years but after a short time Phelps has found the motivation to play.

Diego Maradona – When the legend becomes the Supreme Being

Argentinian fans are the happiest because they enjoy two fun things at the same time: winning the World Cup and watching Diego Maradona play. In fact, Tango never scarce talent, they even owned Lionel Messi. But no one seems to replace the unique position of the living saint Diego Maradona! He is said to be the hero of football history.

At the age of 8, Diego Maradona was soon discovered talent when he was playing for Estrella Roja club. As a teenager, he joined The Little Onions – Argentina’s youth team Juniors and impressed the coaches with the incredible flexibility of a 12-year-old player.

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Meanwhile, Diego Maradona idolized two people: Brazilian midfielder – Rivelino and Manchester United winger George Best. Maradona also said that the two of them inspired him to play football.

Maradona is like the legend of “Football King” Pele in that they both debuted for the national team very early. That’s when they were only 16 years old.

In the 1982 World Cup, Diego Maradona made his first steps at the world’s largest playground in Spain against the opening day Belgium. He became extremely excited when witnessing the new transfer record of Barcelona’s record transfer fee at the Camp Nou.

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Despite losing 0 – 1 to Belgium, Argentina still played in the second round when successively convincing Hungary. And El Savaldor in Alicante with a team is struggling between youth and experience.

Of course, the main cause is internal conflict that has reached its climax. Diego Maradona left the tournament with 450 minutes of official play, 2 goals and 1 red card.

The 1986 World Cup was originally planned to be held in Colombia. But because the landlord did not meet the financial conditions, Mexico became a destination for the talented. As expected, Mexico did not disappoint millions of football lovers

Serie A: Napoli and the moment for an overthrow

Coach Antonio Conte has said goodbye to the Turin giant in search of the next stop in his career. Thereby he left Juventus with a future filled with doubts about the end of an empire.

Basically, Conte has successfully completed his task in the past three years. If he stays with Juventus, Conte will no longer have any motivation to work despite the dream of bringing Juventus to the Champions League.

Conte is an Italian, a “son” of Juve. He should have continued to accept everything to continue to contribute to football in the country. However, like his players, a talented person must have ambition.

Cầu thủ của Napoli bị cướp dí súng vào đầu

Conte would not be able to stand the sight of his pet stars taking turns after each season in the same way as Arturo Vidal or Paul Pogba. So it is reasonable for him to leave.

But all is not the end of Italian football. The Premier League also experienced the golden age of Manchester United a decade ago. But with the arrival of Chelsea or Man City, today the Premier League is more than ever worth watching.

Modern football is for new things and for Serie A. Napoli is the presence of what Italian football fans are waiting for. The team of Naples is gradually rising to the size of a giant in the highest tournament in this country.

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Last season, Napoli maintained the 3rd position to continue to play in the Champions League. They also had success with the title of Coppa Italia after winning a convincing victory over Fiorentina 3-1.

Napoli is facing a clearer opportunity than ever to bring back the traditional club room to another Scudetto title. But Higuain also experienced a successful season with 24 goals in 44 matches for Napoli. A promising figure for Higuain’s career in Italy.

Ronaldo will become the 3rd sports billionaire in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to become the third athlete in the world to reach the milestone of $ 1 billion in his career. Ronaldo and his team-mates at Juventus have agreed to cut wages to support the club through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite losing a third of his salary in March, April, May and June, Ronaldo’s overall income is still very large. According to The Sun’s forecast, this year, the Portuguese striker will reach 1 billion USD in income. That’s what only very few athletes do.

Ronaldo được đồng đội nào kiến tạo nhiều nhất trong sự nghiệp?

Specifically, before CR7, only Tiger Woods and boxing fist Floyd Mayweather surpassed the $ 1 billion income threshold. The former Real Madrid star makes money not just from football. But he also from the image of an athlete most attractive in the world.

Ronaldo has signed with countless sponsors, most notably with the Nike brand. They bring him 25 million euros a year. In addition, the income from his Instagram posts reaches about 45 million euros per year.

In 2019 alone, Ronaldo earned about 118 million euros, the income second only to Lionel Messi, who pocketed 131 million. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than 700 goals in his career, an impressive achievement for any player. However, Ronaldo will not be able to reach this impressive milestone without the help of dangerous passes.

Ronaldo sẽ trở thành tỷ phú thể thao thứ 3 trên thế giới

In particular, Benzema is Ronaldo’s best partner with a total of 42 passes to clear the Portuguese striker after nine seasons playing together at Real Madrid. But in terms of efficiency, Benzema will not be comparable to Mesut Ozil. The German conductor only needed 3 seasons to play with Ronaldo to make 27 assists for CR7.

However, Benzema is appreciated for the durability and sacrifice for his teammates. He was still attached to Real Madrid when his teammates in the attack seemed to leave. Not only that, although always playing as a number 9, Benzema accepted to be the background for his teammates to shine. He become the most assistive player in Real Madrid history.

Haaland will surpass Neymar to become the most expensive player in the world

Former Italian player Christian Vieri said striker Erling Haaland could become the most expensive player in the world for € 300 million. It is 80 million euros higher than Neymar at PSG.

Speaking in a live interview on Instagram, former Italian player Christian Vieri said: “In a few years, Erling Haaland will join a cult team for 200 million euros, maybe even 300 million euros.”

Erling Haaland tiếp tục "gây sốt" tại Bundesliga

After scoring 29 goals in 27 games for Red Bull Salzburg, Haaland moved to Borussia Dortmund in a 17 million euros deal in January 2020. Juventus, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid, were impressed by Haaland’s performance.

Haaland received great attention from Real Madrid and Man Utd before deciding to move to Dortmund after impressing with 12 goals in 11 matches. Currently Real Madrid is still very interested in obtaining the signature of Haaland. He is trying to find a striker to replace striker Karim Benzema on the other side of the career slope.

Borussia Dortmund is definitely not easy to leave your valuable assets when you recruit. But the 19-year-old is expected to leave for £ 63 million from next summer. Prompting the German club to have attractive policies to keep the striker behind.

In reply to Record, striker Erling Haaland admitted: “I want a day to talk with Ronaldo and say I became a player thanks to him. For me, Ronaldo is always a role model.”

Erling Haaland giữa thực và mộng - Báo Người lao động

Haaland does not hide himself Ronaldo idol. The Norwegian striker always sees CR7 as a role model in maintaining professionalism through the diet.

Including 8 goals in the group stage in Salzburg, Haaland has scored a total of 10 goals after only 7 first appearances in the Champions League. That performance has never appeared in the history of the most prestigious tournament in the old continent.

Even Haaland alone is scoring more goals than the Barca team (9 goals) in the Champions League this season. According to Opta, Haaland went down in history as the first teen striker in Champions League history to score 10 goals in just one season.

Roger Federer is still perfect

These days the name most mentioned is not Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal but Roger Federer. Departing from Basel station, in less than a month the Swiss player has 3 consecutive championships. He marked a series of records with sweet victories and a firm belief in the new season.

When Roger Federer walked onto the field, a few records were about to be rewritten. When the young generals collapsed, Federer continued to have the 100th final, 70th title and 6th WTF trophy, the most in history!

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In the World Tour Finals group stage there was no excuse other than admitting weakness on the indoor pitch. W. J. Tsonga loses 2 finals in a row. And Tomas Berdych was the one who forced Roger Federer to stop in the Wimbledon semifinal. ANh has also lost the heart of revival at Bercy.

And he admitted to having met “Roger of the old days with the number of broken faults counted on his fingertips and he didn’t give me any chance.” By the way, thanks to Andy Murray because his first dream in the top 3 did not come true.

Despite not being in the top 2, Roger ended the season with two awards. The most popular player was voted by the fans for the 9th year in a row and Stefan Edbergdo was voted for by the players for the 7th time. And best of all, Roger was still very beautiful.

Roger Federer hồi sinh, Novak dDjokovic khủng hoảng | Tạp chí Cao ...

He is still very devoted, his physical weakness seems to have improved significantly. Great left hand technique is as enchanting as before. But England is somewhat stronger to deal with the strategy of the stronger young opponent playing backhand.

Roger was also more assertive with the return, both backhand and forehand, and also had no small effect. Surprisingly, his second serve is just as dangerous as the first serve and the direct second serve is quite a lot.