Diego Maradona – When the legend becomes the Supreme Being

Argentinian fans are the happiest because they enjoy two fun things at the same time: winning the World Cup and watching Diego Maradona play. In fact, Tango never scarce talent, they even owned Lionel Messi. But no one seems to replace the unique position of the living saint Diego Maradona! He is said to be the hero of football history.

At the age of 8, Diego Maradona was soon discovered talent when he was playing for Estrella Roja club. As a teenager, he joined The Little Onions – Argentina’s youth team Juniors and impressed the coaches with the incredible flexibility of a 12-year-old player.

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Meanwhile, Diego Maradona idolized two people: Brazilian midfielder – Rivelino and Manchester United winger George Best. Maradona also said that the two of them inspired him to play football.

Maradona is like the legend of “Football King” Pele in that they both debuted for the national team very early. That’s when they were only 16 years old.

In the 1982 World Cup, Diego Maradona made his first steps at the world’s largest playground in Spain against the opening day Belgium. He became extremely excited when witnessing the new transfer record of Barcelona’s record transfer fee at the Camp Nou.

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Despite losing 0 – 1 to Belgium, Argentina still played in the second round when successively convincing Hungary. And El Savaldor in Alicante with a team is struggling between youth and experience.

Of course, the main cause is internal conflict that has reached its climax. Diego Maradona left the tournament with 450 minutes of official play, 2 goals and 1 red card.

The 1986 World Cup was originally planned to be held in Colombia. But because the landlord did not meet the financial conditions, Mexico became a destination for the talented. As expected, Mexico did not disappoint millions of football lovers