Gabriel Jesus – striker needs to score

Minutes after Manchester City took the lead over Real Madrid, there was a moment when the ball was passed to Dani Carvajal at right back.

This is a specific problem with Man City because they quite often have to deal with opponents who play deeply defensively. There the ability to handle in narrow spaces is the key factor. In that respect, the combination of Aguero and Jesus is the ideal choice.

It is easy to understand why Jesus is considered as Pep Guardiola’s favorite striker. The Brazilian has scored 14 goals in the Premier League for the 2019/2020 season, but his stats are like that of a midfielder.

Sergio Aguero has improved under Guardiola, but he is not as effective in this regard as a teammate. “Gabriel is the best striker in the world in high-intensity pressing”, the Spanish strategist shared last October.

Jesus has a tattoo on his arm that looks like a boy looking at the slums, which is quite similar to the picture that Neymar has tattooed on his calf.

That probably explains why they work well together in the Brazilian shirt: Jesus is ready to pressure and chase but will give way when Neymar comes in from the left flank.

Mainly because Man City tends to hold the ball too much. He rarely needs to win it back and because the 23-year-old striker can play both on the wing and center. However, Aguero won the ball less than half.

That is why the match with Lyon will be very important for the 23-year-old Brazilian striker. When Aguero was not there, Jesus was City’s No. 1 striker even when he played on the wing.

He is an excellent pressuriser, a key factor in defending from the upline. What is needed now is perhaps the reasoning of career reputation.