How Pep Guardiola builds affection with the player

Pep Guardiola encourages the players to be closer to their families. Pep also limits journalism and takes care of nutrition for his students.

Pep allows players to stay at home until a few hours before a home match or just move on the day of the match. That was another highly acclaimed decision from Pep.

Gradually, the press was limited. Personal interviews with the players were cut down and even banned for a long time. Pep is ready to do anything to surround the team. Not really isolating them, but keeping them safe and warm in our shared roof.

In fact, the way Pep invests in his affection for the player is the factor that separates him from the rest of the coaches. Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson often get to know the relatives or girlfriends of the players to be able to understand them better.

And even when the team played better, the former Arsenal star’s performance has not improved much. There were two factors that kept Henry from playing well. It was his back Injury and the new position he was forced to play.

But in the end, Eto’o insisted on staying, so Thierry had to continue playing as a wing striker. It is considered a position no longer suitable for him because he no longer has the speed and stamina as when he was strong.

In his next game against Valencia, Titi played in explosive form, scoring a hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-0 win. Pep tried to cheer him up, and insisted he fully believed in the French player’s abilities. Henry appreciated Pep’s action.

The Spaniard promised Henry, who under Rijkaard was uncomfortable on the left flank. He will be returned to the position of center. Guardiola repeated this sentence in press conferences. But during Guardiola’s difficult beginnings, the Frenchman was the one most criticized.