Mesut Ozil is as bad as criticism

Mesut Ozil is the focus of many criticisms about his performance in Arsenal shirt. Because he is showing an extremely unstable face in every arena. And now he is not on the list of English clubs participating in the Champions League.

The Gooners do not seem to be patient enough before the decline of the team. The rage of the fans began to pour on Arsene Wenger and the players playing for the Emirates team. Arsenal is really in crisis.

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Mesut Ozil is the player who Gooners complain about being “lazy to move” Arsenal. Ozil’s body language on the pitch often gives fans the feeling that the German player is heavy on his feet.

Even the way the Arsenal star kept swinging his hands in frustration when he lost the ball was also in the sights of fans. Although Ozil himself bluntly confirmed he did not care about the unfounded criticism and did not intend to change his playing style. They criticized still relentlessly aimed at “No. 11” of the North London team.

On the basis of 90 minutes of play, these statistics will become less impressive. Because Ozil only ranked 9th in Arsenal in terms of distance traveled and 10th in number of sprints.

However, the role of Ozil under the direction of Wenger is not so much in favor of defense as teammates. And the responsibility of the German midfielder in the coach’s tactics is quite strong. Mesut Ozil is struggling at Arsenal. That’s when the time he played just behind Alexis Sanchez and Laurent Koscielny.

Mesut Ozil từ chối giảm lương dù Arsenal đã ra thông báo chính thức

Mesut Ozil is struggling at Arsenal. They made his performance more or less affected. The German midfielder’s performance is much better every time the new season starts. Ozil has scored 5 goals and has 8 assists in 31 matches against Chelsea.

In fact, the Arsenal midfielder did not play well in many important matches in the Champions League. Typically a 2-10 defeat after two matches against Bayern Munich. Although Ozil is not the only factor that makes Arsenal leave the Champions League with a humiliating score.