Paul Pogba is fading at MU

Paul Pogba is a highly regarded player. However, Old Trafford does not seem to be the right land for the French star.

The nightmare that happened a year ago is now with Pogba. That is when the French star has to be away from the field for a long time because of the ankle problem. According to Transfermarkt, Pogba had to miss 195 days and 39 games in 2019/20 due to an injury.

Pogba experienced an unforgettable season. And those sad days seem to continue to cling to the French midfielder. In the Premier League season 2020/21, the mark of the former Juventus midfielder created faint. He has not had any assists after 373 minutes.

In the matches Pogba played in the Premier League, he played badly, even becoming a criminal that made MU pay the price. The star born in 1993 used to have a silly phase, causing the home team to suffer 11 meters against Arsenal.

Pogba is the type of midfielder who will shine if the surrounding teammates are also classy. He did not get this when he played for Manchester United.

When he was playing for Juventus, Pogba was never a highly anticipated name or an irreplaceable card. The representatives of Turin always want to create mental comfort for this midfielder. So that he can play spontaneously.

Squawka believes Pogba is the type of player that is destined for important moments. The French midfielder possesses good personal technique and excellent tactical eyesight. When the team needs outstanding shots to determine fate, Pogba can respond.

A team will always need players like Pogba to feed big ambitions. Specifically, Juventus, France and Real Madrid have Zinedine Zidane. Liverpool owns Steven Gerrard or Boca Juniors with Juan Roman Riquelme.

He also lacks the spirit of steel to overcome the pressure. As the pressure grew, Pogba’s feet became heavier. This player’s great football is also lost.

At Manchester United, Pogba does not play with outstanding teammates. Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford are great. But that’s not yet the world’s top stars. Anthony Martial lacks stability, and Mason Greenwood is still on the way.