Pep was touched after his team set a record

Winning the Club World Cup, Barca acquired 6 championship titles in a year. A long restraint, that moment, Pep Guardiola poured out emotions. The Club World Cup championship is the only title they have ever won.

Before the final against Estudiantes de la Plata, Pep said a somewhat lamenting sentence. But he predicted what would happen two and a half years later.

Pep tried to reduce the pressure on the team, the consequences of Barcelona’s two defeat in the final. In the years 1992 and 2006, he was subjective and lack of thoughtfulness.

The match belonged to Estudiantes – the Argentinian team – that made Barcelona unable to play the ball in the familiar way. And then they score from their best chance.

But Pedro pulled the game into extra time with a kick that was almost the last of official time. And then the most awaited moment has come. Ten minutes after extra time began, Messi scored the decisive goal after a brilliant chest control from Alves’s cross.

They never stopped trying, never stopped running, never sought excuses. Then luck also smiled at them, like Iniesta’s goal at Stamford Bridge, or Pedro’s in this final.

On the hot December evening in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona won their sixth title with their new coach. In other words, they win every tournament they attend.

His whole body trembled, tears continued to fall. Dani Alves was the first to notice, moving closer to giving his coach a comforting hug. Pep calmed down for a few seconds.

He took a few steps back, and found that there was no one beside him. Putting his face in his hands, he let his emotions pour out again. I can’t stop crying. He cried deliciously like a child.

On the pitch, Ibrahimovic took Henry’s place, trying to make a few jokes to make the coach happy. That was when Pep stepped out of his own coma. In the middle of the field, the organizers were also getting ready for the awards ceremony.