Roger Federer is still perfect

These days the name most mentioned is not Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal but Roger Federer. Departing from Basel station, in less than a month the Swiss player has 3 consecutive championships. He marked a series of records with sweet victories and a firm belief in the new season.

When Roger Federer walked onto the field, a few records were about to be rewritten. When the young generals collapsed, Federer continued to have the 100th final, 70th title and 6th WTF trophy, the most in history!

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In the World Tour Finals group stage there was no excuse other than admitting weakness on the indoor pitch. W. J. Tsonga loses 2 finals in a row. And Tomas Berdych was the one who forced Roger Federer to stop in the Wimbledon semifinal. ANh has also lost the heart of revival at Bercy.

And he admitted to having met “Roger of the old days with the number of broken faults counted on his fingertips and he didn’t give me any chance.” By the way, thanks to Andy Murray because his first dream in the top 3 did not come true.

Despite not being in the top 2, Roger ended the season with two awards. The most popular player was voted by the fans for the 9th year in a row and Stefan Edbergdo was voted for by the players for the 7th time. And best of all, Roger was still very beautiful.

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He is still very devoted, his physical weakness seems to have improved significantly. Great left hand technique is as enchanting as before. But England is somewhat stronger to deal with the strategy of the stronger young opponent playing backhand.

Roger was also more assertive with the return, both backhand and forehand, and also had no small effect. Surprisingly, his second serve is just as dangerous as the first serve and the direct second serve is quite a lot.