Ronaldo – the inspiration of the football world

At the age of 34, Ronaldo even wins the time wheel to shine in the Champions League. However, Ronaldo is not a god, bestowed with supernatural powers. The best thing about CR7 is that he is not a genius, but an ordinary human who has made more than 100 percent effort to become a legend.

Ronaldo is 1.85 m tall, but turns 78 cm high. Thus, plus both his height and the ability to jump, Ronaldo can reach a height of 2.63 m in the air. That is the reason why CR7 is always alone in the sky to make head shots, because no one can turn to the height of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo did not drink, because his father died of the harmful effects of alcohol. While the football world is filled with mobile pictures, Cristiano Ronaldo is still determined not to tattoo.

The reason is that CR7 wants to donate blood. Ronaldo does not use sugary foods and drinks because it accumulates fat and lowers metabolism. Ronaldo had to win many temptations, winning his inertia to practice nonstop for the past 10 years.

To overcome a harsh training schedule and a harsh diet, Ronaldo must possess more bravery than people. And if the courage in Ronaldo’s daily life was so terrible, his will to fight when he entered the battles no one could beat.

Experts say that if it is necessary to choose a warrior for the mortal match, they will choose Ronaldo. If you choose a player for a beautiful match, that person will be Lionel Messi. CR7 is not made for suffocating moments. He trained himself to be chosen in those moments.

Ronaldo is not a superman, but has worked hard and fiercely to become a legend. In Messi, we see the talent of a genius bestowed on God with the ability to play football.

And in Ronaldo, an immortal inspiration for the world. From a slim boy to an unrivaled warrior, looking at Ronaldo, we see a role model that can inspire the next generation.