Sergei Bubka – legend of world athletics

This famous Ukrainian pole-jump player has officially announced his retirement from his sports career. Although he no longer competes in the top international tournaments. But the story about him and the records he achieved is still in everyone’s memory.

Bubka has broken the world record for pole jump more than 30 times. During his highly successful track and field career, Bubka has won 6 consecutive world championships.

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Before coming to pole jump, he was a very successful athlete in the distance jump and 100m run. However, he only truly achieved world class when he switched to pole jump competition. In 1983, he immediately won the pole jump world championship in Helsinki, Finland.

And a year later, he set his first world record with a record of 5.75 meters. Bubka played for the Soviet Union until the end of the Union in 1991. Soviet sports were always on the top. And reward the athletes who set world records in the disciplines and Bubka is recognized as the winner of the most awards.

Many times, the following record is only a few centimeters more than the previous one. Thanks to that, he became a new phenomenon of world athletics.

At the 1988 Summer Olympics, Bubka did not disappoint fans by winning a gold medal. But he did not set any new world records. However, not long after that, at the end of 1988, he became the first athlete to break the 6-meter record.

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In 1987 and 1991, Bubka won his second and third world championship title. In 1992, despite being highly regarded and having many medal opportunities, he did not even qualify to compete at the Barcelona Olympics.

After the above event, Sergei Bubka was determined to train and won two more world championships in 1993 and 1995. In 1996, due to a rather severe ankle injury, Bubka once again missed the appointment. Olympic. However, he recovered so that a year later, he won his 6th world championship.