Serie A: Napoli and the moment for an overthrow

Coach Antonio Conte has said goodbye to the Turin giant in search of the next stop in his career. Thereby he left Juventus with a future filled with doubts about the end of an empire.

Basically, Conte has successfully completed his task in the past three years. If he stays with Juventus, Conte will no longer have any motivation to work despite the dream of bringing Juventus to the Champions League.

Conte is an Italian, a “son” of Juve. He should have continued to accept everything to continue to contribute to football in the country. However, like his players, a talented person must have ambition.

Cầu thủ của Napoli bị cướp dí súng vào đầu

Conte would not be able to stand the sight of his pet stars taking turns after each season in the same way as Arturo Vidal or Paul Pogba. So it is reasonable for him to leave.

But all is not the end of Italian football. The Premier League also experienced the golden age of Manchester United a decade ago. But with the arrival of Chelsea or Man City, today the Premier League is more than ever worth watching.

Modern football is for new things and for Serie A. Napoli is the presence of what Italian football fans are waiting for. The team of Naples is gradually rising to the size of a giant in the highest tournament in this country.

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Last season, Napoli maintained the 3rd position to continue to play in the Champions League. They also had success with the title of Coppa Italia after winning a convincing victory over Fiorentina 3-1.

Napoli is facing a clearer opportunity than ever to bring back the traditional club room to another Scudetto title. But Higuain also experienced a successful season with 24 goals in 44 matches for Napoli. A promising figure for Higuain’s career in Italy.