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Sergei Bubka – legend of world athletics

This famous Ukrainian pole-jump player has officially announced his retirement from his sports career. Although he no longer competes in the top international tournaments. But the story about him and the records he achieved is still in everyone’s memory.

Bubka has broken the world record for pole jump more than 30 times. During his highly successful track and field career, Bubka has won 6 consecutive world championships.

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Before coming to pole jump, he was a very successful athlete in the distance jump and 100m run. However, he only truly achieved world class when he switched to pole jump competition. In 1983, he immediately won the pole jump world championship in Helsinki, Finland.

And a year later, he set his first world record with a record of 5.75 meters. Bubka played for the Soviet Union until the end of the Union in 1991. Soviet sports were always on the top. And reward the athletes who set world records in the disciplines and Bubka is recognized as the winner of the most awards.

Many times, the following record is only a few centimeters more than the previous one. Thanks to that, he became a new phenomenon of world athletics.

At the 1988 Summer Olympics, Bubka did not disappoint fans by winning a gold medal. But he did not set any new world records. However, not long after that, at the end of 1988, he became the first athlete to break the 6-meter record.

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In 1987 and 1991, Bubka won his second and third world championship title. In 1992, despite being highly regarded and having many medal opportunities, he did not even qualify to compete at the Barcelona Olympics.

After the above event, Sergei Bubka was determined to train and won two more world championships in 1993 and 1995. In 1996, due to a rather severe ankle injury, Bubka once again missed the appointment. Olympic. However, he recovered so that a year later, he won his 6th world championship.

Serie A: Napoli and the moment for an overthrow

Coach Antonio Conte has said goodbye to the Turin giant in search of the next stop in his career. Thereby he left Juventus with a future filled with doubts about the end of an empire.

Basically, Conte has successfully completed his task in the past three years. If he stays with Juventus, Conte will no longer have any motivation to work despite the dream of bringing Juventus to the Champions League.

Conte is an Italian, a “son” of Juve. He should have continued to accept everything to continue to contribute to football in the country. However, like his players, a talented person must have ambition.

Cầu thủ của Napoli bị cướp dí súng vào đầu

Conte would not be able to stand the sight of his pet stars taking turns after each season in the same way as Arturo Vidal or Paul Pogba. So it is reasonable for him to leave.

But all is not the end of Italian football. The Premier League also experienced the golden age of Manchester United a decade ago. But with the arrival of Chelsea or Man City, today the Premier League is more than ever worth watching.

Modern football is for new things and for Serie A. Napoli is the presence of what Italian football fans are waiting for. The team of Naples is gradually rising to the size of a giant in the highest tournament in this country.

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Last season, Napoli maintained the 3rd position to continue to play in the Champions League. They also had success with the title of Coppa Italia after winning a convincing victory over Fiorentina 3-1.

Napoli is facing a clearer opportunity than ever to bring back the traditional club room to another Scudetto title. But Higuain also experienced a successful season with 24 goals in 44 matches for Napoli. A promising figure for Higuain’s career in Italy.

Ronaldo will become the 3rd sports billionaire in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to become the third athlete in the world to reach the milestone of $ 1 billion in his career. Ronaldo and his team-mates at Juventus have agreed to cut wages to support the club through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite losing a third of his salary in March, April, May and June, Ronaldo’s overall income is still very large. According to The Sun’s forecast, this year, the Portuguese striker will reach 1 billion USD in income. That’s what only very few athletes do.

Ronaldo được đồng đội nào kiến tạo nhiều nhất trong sự nghiệp?

Specifically, before CR7, only Tiger Woods and boxing fist Floyd Mayweather surpassed the $ 1 billion income threshold. The former Real Madrid star makes money not just from football. But he also from the image of an athlete most attractive in the world.

Ronaldo has signed with countless sponsors, most notably with the Nike brand. They bring him 25 million euros a year. In addition, the income from his Instagram posts reaches about 45 million euros per year.

In 2019 alone, Ronaldo earned about 118 million euros, the income second only to Lionel Messi, who pocketed 131 million. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than 700 goals in his career, an impressive achievement for any player. However, Ronaldo will not be able to reach this impressive milestone without the help of dangerous passes.

Ronaldo sẽ trở thành tỷ phú thể thao thứ 3 trên thế giới

In particular, Benzema is Ronaldo’s best partner with a total of 42 passes to clear the Portuguese striker after nine seasons playing together at Real Madrid. But in terms of efficiency, Benzema will not be comparable to Mesut Ozil. The German conductor only needed 3 seasons to play with Ronaldo to make 27 assists for CR7.

However, Benzema is appreciated for the durability and sacrifice for his teammates. He was still attached to Real Madrid when his teammates in the attack seemed to leave. Not only that, although always playing as a number 9, Benzema accepted to be the background for his teammates to shine. He become the most assistive player in Real Madrid history.

Rod Laver – More than a legend

Men’s tennis world has many legends. Each country also has one or more local legends of its own. But Rod Laver is truly the most legend of legends. Rod Laver Arena is the official venue for the first Grand Slam of the year in Australia. This yard was originally called Flinders Park.

He was crowned here 3 times out of 11 Grand Slam titles he has won in his glorious career. Rod Laver Arena is a sports complex, not just a tennis court. It has hosted various music, sports and cultural events.

Rod Laver: Còn hơn một huyền thoại - 1

Regarding tennis, Rod Laver has a mobile roof that allows games to be uninterrupted because of weather conditions. The capacity of the yard is 14,820 seats, annually attracts more than 1.5 million tourists visit.

Some athletes even win more Grand Slams than Laver but in terms of stature and greatness, Laver is the No. 1 tennis player in the history of Australian tennis.

It is a great honor for many athletes not to have a live athlete named for the stadium. In football, Napoli’s San Paolo stadium was proposed to be renamed Diego Maradona to honor the Argentinian legend but the Napoli city government refused.

Laver held the number 1 position in the world for 7 consecutive years from 1964 to 1970. Even Federer can only do this for 5 consecutive years only. Winning all 4 Grand Slams in 1 year is Laver’s peak achievement. This is also his greatest pride that no player has ever kept up.

Tennis great Rod Laver honoured with statue at Melbourne Park ...

Another sidekick but also very great: Laver is the second male player to win 4 Grand Slam titles in Australia. According to the official statistics of ATP, Laver is the leading player of all players.

That’s including amateur and professional, in terms of number of titles with 184 singles titles. Modern tennis used to have modest players about the height of the top 10 like Marcelo Rios.