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Solskjaer’s problem is increasingly evident in football

Man United fans wait for the win at Old Trafford against Chelsea to be invested, but Lampard is still undefined. However, there were no wins at all, and is Man United attractive? No. of course.

Rashford will join Mbappe as the number one superstar striker in the world in the near future. That is Solskjaer’s statement in Paris, an overly optimistic view. That is what the world’s number one superstar should not do in an important match.

Of course, every superstar has to miss the opportunity to eat at times, and Rashford also plays not badly against Chelsea. In the last 3 matches, Solskjaer’s strength in the selection of the squad is what we most easily notice.

All of that, Solskjaer has reason to justify it perfectly. And the justification will be even more perfect when the result is positive. And when United fail to win, it can turn out to be big trouble.

Bruno Fernandes is still an excellent player on the Manchester United side against Chelsea. But it’s hard to say that Bruno Fernandes has played as well as his previous games have shown. Admittedly, before Chelsea, Fernandes began to know what was meant to be disabled.

And it is also a rare match in the Man United shirt that Fernandes does not stand out in a remarkable way. Is it the result of transient performance or is it a system with hidden problems?

Even more ominous is the long pass. With 57 percent accurate long passes, Man United against Chelsea revealed their problems. It was also because of the McTominay – Fred pair that Man United showed a sense of safe defense. With their support, the Man United defense is not so hard to prop up and lead to personal mistakes as before.

Maguire should thank Martin Atkinson because if he blows the penalty, it will be two years before Maguire is confident again. However, Solskjaer’s biggest problem is the choice of personnel. There is no need to go back to the distant past, just say it from the beginning of 2020 until now is enough.

Is Hazard as bad as everyone thinks

The day Hazard signed a contract with Real, City coach Pep Guardiola said the Belgian midfielder would become a quality addition. He believes the former Chelsea star is an important piece to bring “Los Blancos” to the titles.

“Hazard has the qualities of a top attacking star. He has speed, technique, ability to pass people, creativity and finish well. In particular, this midfielder always knows how to shine at difficult times. towels, “shared Pep.

Siêu sao như Hazard cũng có thể sa sút vì 'thừa cân'?

In the first year Hazard played in Spain, Real won the La Liga championship. However, it is a title that the Belgian midfielder did not contribute much to the home team’s success.

The first chapter of Hazard in Madrid becomes the story of patients and doctors. This blockbuster contract admits “my first season was really catastrophic”. Referring to the former Chelsea star, Madridista is frustrated.

After a few days, Hazard has a chance to make everyone forget how badly he went through the season. Marca journalist Amalio Moratalla defends the Belgian contract. He believes it is too early to give any claim on the number 7 of “Los Blancos”. To judge the player’s worth, fans should look at what he shows on the pitch.

With Hazard, he has not had many chances to play this season because he is often injured. Therefore, it is only based on the days that the midfielder is sidelined in Madrid to come to the conclusion that he is truly unfair.

Bongdaso - Bóng đá số - Tin tức - Vượt mặt Lukaku, Hazard giành ...

Want to criticize or disparage Hazard, all wait for the 29-year-old star football to show on the day he returns to England. When “Los Blancos” played the second leg of the second round of the UEFA Champions League against Man City of Pep Guardiola.

When Hazard appeared on the pitch, he deserved respect from every opponent. Defenders also need to be more wary of this star. While at Chelsea, the Belgian midfielder once proved how outstanding he was through the goals.