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Pogba made a mistake that caused MU to lose to Arsenal

The French midfielder entered the ball, causing MU to receive a penalty. Aubameyang used to help Arsenal win 1-0 in round 7 of the Premier League.

While his teammates worked hard, Pogba became a criminal with an unnecessary foul situation with Bellerin in the penalty area. Aubameyang took advantage of the opportunity to score in the 69th minute, while helping Arsenal leave Old Trafford with 3 full points.

Man Utd played with a 4-3-1-2 chart that was never used by coach Solskjaer this season. Arsenal with many players with good speed and ability to cross like Bellerin, Saka, Tierney create many opportunities.

But inside, Lacazette, Aubameyang were disappointed with inaccurate handling. Thomas Partey had an impressive match when he and Elneny dominated the MU midfield. The Ghanaian midfielder is not only able to dispute, but also directly performs situations that launch attacks.

Partey works well with defenders to limit MU’s counterattack situations. In the first half, Leno’s goal was hit only once, after Mason Greenwood’s shot in the narrow corner.

MU played with a large number of defenders, but things gradually got out of the control of Solskjaer’s teachers and teachers. When the match went to the last minutes. 39 minutes, De Gea’s goal shook after the technical shot of Willian.

MU pushed up the speed of attack, and created an overwhelming proportion of possession in the first 10 minutes. MU has many balls, but also does not create many opportunities, when the pair of midfielders Pogba and Bruno play below. The best chance that the homeowner creates is just the header to send the ball away from captain Harry Maguire.

MU had to change the way of playing after letting the opponent get ahead in the 69th minute. Coach Solskjaer launched Cavani, Van De Beek, and at the same time directed his students to push up the team to find a table early.

Bruno Fernandes played poorly, but his replacement, Van de Beek, did not make a mark against the solid Arsenal defense. Gabriel Magalhaes became a bright spot with situations to handle alertness and precision.

James Rodriguez succeeds in the Premier League

Rodriguez reunited with coach Carlo Ancelotti at Everton for a month. Everton is flourishing in the Premier League. And Rodriguez became one of the important factors to help represent Merseyside.

However, he has won many noble titles such as the Champions League, the La Liga and the Bundesliga championship. At the Bernabeu, despite having to play under great pressure from expectation, James remained completely calm.

Led by an experienced coach who loves a classic attacking midfielder like Carlo Ancelotti. It is a Colombian player who does not have too many difficulties to show his great qualities.

At the Bernabeu, despite having to play under great pressure from expectation, James remained completely calm. He is led by an experienced coach and is extremely fond of classic attacking midfielders like Carlo Ancelotti. The Colombian did not find it difficult to show his great qualities.

Rodriguez came to Merseyside as one of world football’s shining stars. He is a positive signal and shows fans that Everton is on the right track on the way to challenge the giants in the Premier League. And only when standing on the same line can they shine.

At Real, the Colombian midfielder is not the favorite card of coach Zinedine Zidane. That made him slip. When he moved to Everton, where Rodriguez reunited coach Ancelotti, this attacking midfielder shone again.

In four Premier League matches, Rodriguez created 12 chances. He has 4 more dangerous situations that can help the home team score goals. Everton also played more elegantly thanks to the 29-year-old star, who successfully performed 8 phases over him. Rodriguez’s worth has been proven at Everton.

It is too early to conclude that Everton is able to compete for the Premier League title yet. But the undeniable fact that the Goodison Park home team became more formidable with Rodriguez.

The appearance of the 29-year-old midfielder creates a positive energy that spreads to everyone around. This quality by Rodriguez helps him make a difference.

Is Hazard as bad as everyone thinks

The day Hazard signed a contract with Real, City coach Pep Guardiola said the Belgian midfielder would become a quality addition. He believes the former Chelsea star is an important piece to bring “Los Blancos” to the titles.

“Hazard has the qualities of a top attacking star. He has speed, technique, ability to pass people, creativity and finish well. In particular, this midfielder always knows how to shine at difficult times. towels, “shared Pep.

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In the first year Hazard played in Spain, Real won the La Liga championship. However, it is a title that the Belgian midfielder did not contribute much to the home team’s success.

The first chapter of Hazard in Madrid becomes the story of patients and doctors. This blockbuster contract admits “my first season was really catastrophic”. Referring to the former Chelsea star, Madridista is frustrated.

After a few days, Hazard has a chance to make everyone forget how badly he went through the season. Marca journalist Amalio Moratalla defends the Belgian contract. He believes it is too early to give any claim on the number 7 of “Los Blancos”. To judge the player’s worth, fans should look at what he shows on the pitch.

With Hazard, he has not had many chances to play this season because he is often injured. Therefore, it is only based on the days that the midfielder is sidelined in Madrid to come to the conclusion that he is truly unfair.

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Want to criticize or disparage Hazard, all wait for the 29-year-old star football to show on the day he returns to England. When “Los Blancos” played the second leg of the second round of the UEFA Champions League against Man City of Pep Guardiola.

When Hazard appeared on the pitch, he deserved respect from every opponent. Defenders also need to be more wary of this star. While at Chelsea, the Belgian midfielder once proved how outstanding he was through the goals.

Super boxer Pacquiao becomes a professional basketball coach

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has just moved into a new field in his glorious sports career. He was appointed coach of the KIA basketball club of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Pac-Man started fighting in basketball when he became a coach of KIA Club. He is one of three rookies to attend the highest tournament in the 40th season of PBA, starting on October 19.

Philippines, super boxer Pacquiao in KIA club uniform made his debut speech as a basketball coach. The 35-year-old boxer has stated he will bring his boxing training experience to apply in the exercises for his players at the KIA basketball club.

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Pacquiao also left his ability to play basketball at PBA, like the Filipino basketball legend. He was Robert Jaworski previously in the Ginebra club shirt.

“I am very happy to be appointed head coach of the KIA basketball club. Despite my dedication and career in boxing, basketball has always been my favorite sport. I came here to make the club stronger and more competitive at PBA, ”the INQUIRER News quoted Pac-Man.

If he wants to play, he can play, Pac-Man will have to attend the PBA Draft. It is an annual event to debut the selection of rookie basketball clubs participating in this tournament. However, the current problem of Pacquiao as a basketball coach is the allocation of time to be able to complete all his work well.

Because according to plan, Pacquiao will stand in the next match. While this coincides with the start of the new season of the KIA Basketball Club at the Philippines National Cup this year.

Manny Pacquiao giành đai WBA hạng bán trung ở tuổi 40

“In recent times, everyone has been talking about whether Pacquiao has the professional qualifications to join the professional basketball village. However, what we have forgotten about is the benefits and long-term commitment and development that he brings to the country’s basketball industry.

Pacquiao is an invaluable asset to the nation and his passion for basketball is respectable and deserves support and trust, ”said PBA BTC Commissioner Chito Salud.

Coach Mourinho made Tottenham difficult

Coach Jose Mourinho’s enthusiasm only made matters worse. The Portuguese strategist had to apologize publicly after holding an outdoor training session for three Tottenham Hotspur players. They are including Tanguy Ndombele, Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon.

Everything started from the pair of teachers Mourinho and Ndombele. L’Equipe said that when Ndombele had just completed the physical exercises at home, Mourinho coach knocked on the door without notice. “Let’s go out, let’s run for a moment,” the Tottenham boss told his students.

Tottenham perdería a su mejor hombre por el resto de la temporada

The training session lasts about 1 hour with basic exercises such as stretching, sprinting and jogging. Coach Mourinho wants Ndombele to stay in the best physical state during the break.

The coach then called Sessegnon and Sanchez to directly guide the two previous players who were practicing separately. The aforementioned behavior of “Special person” then met with backlash from public opinion.

The British government has recommended that citizens living in the UK not conduct outdoor gatherings of two or more people. Especially between members who do not live in the same house.

Not only focusing on physical factors, Mourinho wanted to do a separate psychotherapy with Ndombele through the underground training session mentioned above.

With his pupils invited, the former MU coach wants to show this midfielder that he is an important part of the team. During the isolation period, this coach often texted and contacted the players to help them exercise, as well as tighten the teachers’ affection.

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Mourinho is clearly working hard on his return to the top football. He asserted that he was willing to learn from previous times of failure. Mourinho is not irresponsible to the community.

However, Mourinho’s actions with his students seem to put Tottenham in a more awkward position. L’Equipe revealed Ndombele was dissatisfied with Mourinho’s treatment. Especially after he went to the player’s house without notice to ask him to train. The Frenchman expressed his intention to leave Spurs.