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Lewandowski has a boom in 2020 that shines

Lewandowski’s victory at FIFA The Best 2020 is like a message to the football world. Even at 32 years old, the Polish striker is still a talented star.

What Ronaldo and Messi create in the 2019/20 season is still great. However, it is that that helps Lewandowski’s victory over the two big soccer superstars.

Messi and Ronaldo have created some amazing moments last season. However, it was all overshadowed by Lewandowski, who won everything from the Bundesliga to the Champions League.

Referring to Lewandowski in 2020 is referring to the scary scoring beast in all competitions. Before shining brightly in the 2019/20 season, the Polish striker experienced a series of 6 consecutive games unable to score in the knockout round.

At that time, the Polish striker in the Borussia Dortmund shirt scored 4 goals against Real Madrid. The wind only changed direction with Lewandowski until February 2020.

That’s when he crushed Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the first round of the 1/8 Champions League round. It was the match when the former Dortmund star scored one goal and had 2 assists for Serge Gnarby to score.

He scored 2 goals and made 2 clear passes in Bayern’s 4-1 victory at Allianz Arena. Directly confronting Lionel Messi in the quarterfinals, Lewandowski made the opponent bow his head to leave the field in shame. Bayern’s Polish striker engulfed Barca with a score of 8-2. In that match, Lewandowski contributed one goal.

The 32-year-old striker continued to maintain an impressive scoring style when he shone in the semi-final that Bayern crushed Lyon 3-0. Lewandowski’s goal in Lisbon was his 15th goal in the UEFA Champions League season 2019/20.

Lewandowski’s biggest regret is that he failed to score in the Champions League final in the 2019/20 season. Although Bayern still won against PSG. However, that shortcoming can still be ignored because what the 32-year-old striker performed earlier was so impressive.