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Manny Pacquiao

Super boxer Pacquiao becomes a professional basketball coach

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has just moved into a new field in his glorious sports career. He was appointed coach of the KIA basketball club of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Pac-Man started fighting in basketball when he became a coach of KIA Club. He is one of three rookies to attend the highest tournament in the 40th season of PBA, starting on October 19.

Philippines, super boxer Pacquiao in KIA club uniform made his debut speech as a basketball coach. The 35-year-old boxer has stated he will bring his boxing training experience to apply in the exercises for his players at the KIA basketball club.

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Pacquiao also left his ability to play basketball at PBA, like the Filipino basketball legend. He was Robert Jaworski previously in the Ginebra club shirt.

“I am very happy to be appointed head coach of the KIA basketball club. Despite my dedication and career in boxing, basketball has always been my favorite sport. I came here to make the club stronger and more competitive at PBA, ”the INQUIRER News quoted Pac-Man.

If he wants to play, he can play, Pac-Man will have to attend the PBA Draft. It is an annual event to debut the selection of rookie basketball clubs participating in this tournament. However, the current problem of Pacquiao as a basketball coach is the allocation of time to be able to complete all his work well.

Because according to plan, Pacquiao will stand in the next match. While this coincides with the start of the new season of the KIA Basketball Club at the Philippines National Cup this year.

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“In recent times, everyone has been talking about whether Pacquiao has the professional qualifications to join the professional basketball village. However, what we have forgotten about is the benefits and long-term commitment and development that he brings to the country’s basketball industry.

Pacquiao is an invaluable asset to the nation and his passion for basketball is respectable and deserves support and trust, ”said PBA BTC Commissioner Chito Salud.