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Mayweather will return at the MMA event

Floyd Mayweather agreed to participate in the MMA event in Japan in February 2021. Reporter Michael Benson announced on his personal page:

“There was not much details, but Mayweather called to announce he would attend. MMA event. Lonely and defeated”. He also reminded of the ring’s comeback: “Tokyo, Japan. I will be back in 2021”.

The Fighting News correspondent Mike Feinberg said Mayweather signed a deal to match Logan Paul in a performance match later this year. However, the American legend has not yet responded to this information.

According to information given, Mayweather’s opponent and the match format have not been revealed. You can compare boxing gloves or fight in an octagon.

Mayweather had a glove performance against Tenshin Nasukawa at the RIZIN 14 event in Japan. The 43-year-old former boxer took more than 2 minutes to defeat his opponent and received $ 9 million in remuneration.

However, Theophane admits Mayweather is pretty strong in the gym. American legends will even defeat practitioners by powerful attacks. This is Mayweather’s second performance match to be broadcast in the form of pay per view.

Although 40 years old, Theophane still plays boxing. The British puncher will compare the gloves with Sam Eggington. Theophane’s current record is 50 victories after 59 wins, including 19 knockout wins.

The American star believes that too many championships in each weight class will make it difficult for boxers to assert themselves. Mayweather’s comments immediately received the objections of Mike Tyson and Jones Jr.

In heavyweight, Tyson also won quite a few trophies including the WBA, WBC, IBF and The Ring belts. Meanwhile, Mayweather won championships in 5 different weight categories.

Legendary Mike Tyson compared gloves against Corey Sanders in part to earn money to pay off debt. Fourteen years later, he is about to return to the ring for a charity show match with Roy Jones Jr.