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Michael Phelps – the greatest athlete in Olympic history

When he first appeared in the Olympic arena, Michael Phelps was just a young man aged 15. He swam faster than all the other athletes and moved from 8th to 5th place. His teammate, Tom Malchow, told reporters at the 2000 Olympic Games that Phelps was a true athlete.

And he will become one of the great fishermen. But who would have thought that the young man from Baltimore would develop to become the greatest athlete in Olympic history.

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Phelps won the 19th Olympic gold medal, record number of medals in Olympic history and shattered the Olympic Games medal of 18 times. America has always been the dominant force in swimming since the golden days of the famous athlete Johnny Weissmuller in the 1920s. But Phelps has taken this position to a new level.

The NBC channel once broadcast live the world champion with the name Rare Characters in Sports because Phelps was so famous. He is the first swimmer to win the Athlete of the Year award by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Right before the impressive performance in Beijing, Phelps had more to worry about when moving into a new apartment than practicing. He told Sports Illustrated magazine that he wasn’t worried about the future even though there was a little physical problem. It usually takes a few years but after a short time Phelps has found the motivation to play.

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Phelps has set a world record 29 times and still holds a record in 6 contents. Phelps closed his career as the athlete who won the most medals at the Olympic Games (22 medals). And he can be considered the greatest athlete to date.

Phelps said: “All I have to do is focus on something”. And that was done. It usually takes a few years but after a short time Phelps has found the motivation to play.