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Coach Mourinho made Tottenham difficult

Coach Jose Mourinho’s enthusiasm only made matters worse. The Portuguese strategist had to apologize publicly after holding an outdoor training session for three Tottenham Hotspur players. They are including Tanguy Ndombele, Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon.

Everything started from the pair of teachers Mourinho and Ndombele. L’Equipe said that when Ndombele had just completed the physical exercises at home, Mourinho coach knocked on the door without notice. “Let’s go out, let’s run for a moment,” the Tottenham boss told his students.

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The training session lasts about 1 hour with basic exercises such as stretching, sprinting and jogging. Coach Mourinho wants Ndombele to stay in the best physical state during the break.

The coach then called Sessegnon and Sanchez to directly guide the two previous players who were practicing separately. The aforementioned behavior of “Special person” then met with backlash from public opinion.

The British government has recommended that citizens living in the UK not conduct outdoor gatherings of two or more people. Especially between members who do not live in the same house.

Not only focusing on physical factors, Mourinho wanted to do a separate psychotherapy with Ndombele through the underground training session mentioned above.

With his pupils invited, the former MU coach wants to show this midfielder that he is an important part of the team. During the isolation period, this coach often texted and contacted the players to help them exercise, as well as tighten the teachers’ affection.

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Mourinho is clearly working hard on his return to the top football. He asserted that he was willing to learn from previous times of failure. Mourinho is not irresponsible to the community.

However, Mourinho’s actions with his students seem to put Tottenham in a more awkward position. L’Equipe revealed Ndombele was dissatisfied with Mourinho’s treatment. Especially after he went to the player’s house without notice to ask him to train. The Frenchman expressed his intention to leave Spurs.